one night.

The deadly silence in the desolate hallway was shattered by the sudden, loud bang. The noise echoed as dust barged into the hallway, gathering on the closed lockers. It settled onto the round dial immediately, removing the fingerprints left by the students several months before, and deleting any traces of humanity. The girl emerged before the boy did, sputtering and coughing as she leaned against a dark blue locker. Soon after, the boy sprinted up the stairs, numb and utterly hopeless.

“You, you….you little bitch!” he snarled as the large cut on his lip stained his pristine white shirt with constant reminders of the mistake.

“It’s not my fault. What happened would have happened, no matter what. You know that.” she meekly responded, her glassy eyes fixated on the dusty, broken floor.

“You could have stopped it. You were right there. But somehow you didn’t. You let him do it, you let him fucking press the goddamn button.”

“His mind was made up. You don’t think it was hard for me to do? You don’t think it was hard for me to watch him push the button?” the girl stuttered, the fresh tears piercing every contour of her undone face. “I loved him, you know I did.”

“You didn’t know him as well as I did. I was there right next to him all those years. I was the one sitting in the other chair when his parents dragged him to all those psychiatrists. I was the one telling every goddamn person that he was ok. Fuck it, I was the one who convinced him to take you out that day!” he screamed, his words echoing through the empty air.

“You did what?!!”

“Hail, I knew he was sick. I knew how bad he needed help. He thought you were pretty but he was way too nervous to ask you out. I pushed him. You were the best thing that ever happened to him. And, obviously you didn’t think the same of him. You couldn’t even fucking save him!”

“I TRIED! God damn it, I tried so hard. He wouldn’t listen- he was in pain, the worst he’s ever been in. If you had seen that face- that face that had given up on everything it had ever known- you would have let him do it too.”

“If I had been there one minute…just one minute earlier, he would be here. Alive.” he sobbed. His wrist met the cold, dark blue surface and he stood there, crying, as the pain surged through his body. “ONE FUCKING MINUTE! That was all that bloody mattered. And as for you..I trusted you- once upon a time.”

“Stop beating yourself up. It’s not your fault. It’s his.”

“Of course you’d think that.” the boy rolled his red and puffy eyes. “I know it’s not my damn fault. Just say it- I know what you did. You didn’t kill him, what you did killed him. THAT BLOODY NIGHT KILLED HIM.”

The girl trembled as she shivered, “I..didn’t do it, Al. I didn’t”

“Stop lying to yourself. He’s gone now. And you’re the one that let him go.”

She broke down into tears for what seemed to be the thousandth time that day.

“Admit it, Hailey. It was all YOU. Just do it for once. He’s dead now, it can’t get any worse than this.” the boy slumped back onto the hard metal yet once again.

The girl gazed at the the small, barely noticeable words on the blue metal behind the boy. “Save me.”- the tears flowed down her face. She had never quite managed to do that. It too late now- and it was all because of her. And even though she felt it, she still couldn’t let the two words slip from her cracked lips.

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