Thoughts. Poking silent questions and endless possibilities. Sirens screeching through the dead night. Why. Why. Why. And, insanity begins.

She walks past me. I stare, snarl, spit. Why? She’s too close. Space should not be a relative concept. Step away. Please. A wave travels over my body. Lips tighten. Fists clench. Vision blurs. The bottle comes out. The contents go down. Cold, hard, bitter. Every sip burns. Every sip makes it better.

Courage hits. Lips part. Fists open. Vision clears. The world changes.

The mission has been activated. The search begins. Gray coat? Check. Brown hair? Check. The target has been located. The hunt begins. Run. Run. Run. Target looks confused. Target continues. Target on the ground.

Everything is still. Me. Her. The city. A minute passes. Nothing changes. It’s still still.

A shout. Still still. More shouting. Still still. A slap. Still still. Pain. Still still. Police. Still still. Sirens. Still still. Confusion. Still still.

The world is still. I am still. My mind isn’t.

Fuck her. Fuck her grey coat. Fuck her proximity. Fuck her life. I hope that little bitch rots in hell. I hope she sees Satan and I hope they become best friends. I hope I never see her again.

I will. Court’s on Saturday.

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