the others.

Did he catch my fleeting gaze as his hand fluttered against hers? Would he tell her he caught me staring again? Would he touch her flawless face and whisper the words to her? Did he even have the guts to tell her? Were his thoughts focused on our moments together when he kissed her lips? Would he tuck her hair behind her ear like he did with mine?

Did he think about my basic brown eyes as he stared into her dilated pupils? How did she get her eyes to look that big and gorgeous? How long did she take to coat her voluminous eyelashes in mascara? Did she even wear mascara? Or was she just as lazy as I was when it came to makeup? Was she even like me at all? Did he have a type? Were we the same kind of girl? Were his fingers just as warm as they had been when I last touched them? Had he changed at all? Was he a different person now? Had she done that?

Had he torn up all those polaroids of us that he had always hung up on his plain white walls? Had they burnt all of those comfortable t-shirts I used to steal from him all the time? Did he still have the picture of us taken on the day we ran off to the beach together without telling anyone? Had he thrown away that oversized sweater I had discarded on his bed months ago? Did he still even remember my name?

Would he ever talk to me again? Would he tell me he loved me again? Or, would she have the life I had always wanted?


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