behind the scenes of the uri attack.

This is more of an article format and more journalistic (intended for school) but I thought I would share it anyway. Keep in mind I don’t have much experience with this writing so there is room for a lot of improvement. 

Despite being neighbours geographically, India and Pakistan have always had a rocky relationship over the years due to several conflicts stemming from the partition of India in 1947. Yet, there has been some stability. India and Pakistan have diplomatic relations and recently, in November 2015, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a brief, unscheduled visit to Pakistan. The visit marked a change in India’s relationship with Pakistan- Modi was the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Pakistan since 2004. There was finally hope that this dispute would come to an end. And yet, matters took a turn once again. 

In the early hours of 18th September 2016, 19 soldiers were killed at Indian Army brigade headquarters in Uri, Jammu and Kashmir. Four Pakistani militants snuck into the camp and set off 14 grenades in a span of only three minutes. The same morning, the attack made headlines. The Indian newspapers condemned Pakistan, provoking the tension between the two countries. The big question that morning was “What will Modi do next?” The anticipation in India was unlike any other. The people longed for the opportunity to seek revenge, and the country wished to establish its power. India-Pakistan relations had changed forever, and neither country do anything but wait. 

For the next few days, there was nothing. There was only talk of the event, but no major news. But, on 29th September 2016, India and Pakistan hit headlines again. Apparently, India had conducted “surgical strikes” against Pakistan, thus only removing intended legitimate military targets. The attack was received with immense joy in India with the leader of Modi’s opposition party, Rahul Gandhi, even claiming that “for the firm time in his tenure, he has taken an action that is worthy of the status of Prime Minister”. However, Pakistan denied any “surgical strikes”, claiming there was merely a routine fire along the Line of Control, the demarcation that separates India and Pakistan. Pakistani media supported this claim by asking quite inexplicable questions such as if there was a “surgical strike”, then “Where did all the dead bodies go? Where are the funerals? Why haven’t the Indians produced the dead bodies if they took them back?”, and by also pointing at the lack of damages in the area. 

As India and Pakistan continue to butt heads, we have to weigh both the causes and the outcomes of such calamities. There are always two sides to the story, and we shall never reach a replete answer. We need peace in order to avoid a full-fledged war in between the two nations. Thus, it is essential to strike a balance in order to avoid a repeat yet another mistake of the past.


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