a new eternity.

Welcome to the new India.

The second my feet hit the carpeted floor, my self knew that nothing was the same. A breath that was once so precious to me, was now simply just another breath. A single glance at the glass window, and my doubts had been affirmed. The haze no longer sunk over the curved branches. Instead, the branches flung out in all their glory in the bright blue sky, celebrating the end of an era. The masks that scarred the faces of thousands had disappeared, and smiles had finally been found.

My thoughts were perplexed, how could this be? How could the world change after this eternity?

And, yet it had. The news clicked on- a miracle had occurred when the world was off in the depths of darkness. Seventeen miniscule airplanes had flown into the dark, their nozzles vacuums, clearing every trace of the past. The people were joyous, several rushing to temples to pray to idols, others parading down the streets. Just a day earlier, they were confined to the realms of their houses, unable to walk into their own eventual deaths. The world had affirmed their ideas- TV’s broadcasting Delhi to have the poorest air quality to ever exist. They had battled for another reality- attempted to reduce traffic, closed off schools and even conferred with other nations.

The fight was over, for now. Everyone knew another battle would plague our world again.

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