all you have to do is listen.

*Disclaimer: This might be one of the worst things I’ve put up here. I currently have finals and I have zero time to write anything at all. So, this post is from when I was at boarding school(almost 2 years ago). It’s a bit similar to something on here already, just worse. But, I guess it’s also a reminder to myself of how far I have come from this and how my writing has grown. So, if you don’t want to see that, just scroll down and read something better.*

I have a confession. I’m a fifteen year old girl who goes to a prep school with classmates who are currently all obsessing over the new Starbucks drinks. And, I, on the other hand, like Drake.

I’ve always enjoyed rap music, since I was about six or seven. The reason for my enjoyment was simply that rap was different. It wasn’t like the generic pop everyone listened to, where the lyrics were based on break-ups and crushes, put together by a famous songwriter. It was about the real parts of life- how perfection could never be attained or how everyone had to go through the bad times to finally get to the good parts of life. It was honest, precise and to the point. I learnt exactly what the artist was thinking of at a certain point and I could relate to how they felt based on my prior experience. And, when I listened to a whole album in one go, it showed me a progression- I could see how an artist changed. It gave me an insight into different points in their lives and how they had managed to get through their tough times. When I was stuck, it gave me hope. If Lil Wayne could get through the time he was addicted to alcohol, then I could get through the test I had Monday morning.

I probably gave you the impression that I adore rap and loathe pop and other genres of music. That’s not the case- at all. I had my Taylor Swift phase a while back and still like her music. But, I can’t relate to her music anymore. Swift’s music is about topics like her exes and heartbreak she’s gone through. Right now, I’m not in that stage of my life to understand how important that is. As a teenager, I’m confused and just trying to to get somewhere, and a lot of Drake’s songs are about that. He talks about how growing up for him was hard but he finally overcame it, among other issues he had to face. And, he offers some pretty good advice based on mistakes he’s made in the past and even advises teenagers to listen to their parents. Everyone thinks that rap is just a lot of cursing, and not much meaning. But, all you have to do is listen carefully to hear something that really matters.

Music isn’t only about rap though. It’s about what you can learn from a song- about what kind of music you can relate to at a certain point in your life. If you’re a sobbing five year old, the happy tune of “Wheels On The Bus” will probably affect your mood and help brighten you up. And if you’re an older person, you may enjoy the “Beatles” as it reminds you of the good old days. Music is about helping others- it’s about making others feel better and offering others advice. Music isn’t just a “catchy tune” or a “sick beat”, it’s someone telling their story.

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