definition: the desire to explore, to travel, to live

Recently, that’s all I’ve been able to feel. I have a need to escape the ordinary, to leave the cycle I’m stuck in, to abandon what I know and get stuck in. There’s nothing I want more than to skip three months of my life, and somehow land up in summer again. Summer- where I don’t just feel wanderlust, I live it. I live amongst sunsets and poolsides, amongst bikinis and body insecurities, amongst chance and freedom. There’s no freedom that’s as free as knotted hair with oversized sunglasses in a cover-up. There’s nothing to hide when it’s far too warm, humid and salty to even try. No calendar, no plans, no nothing. Just me and my own thoughts.

I would trade anything to wake up to palm trees and tropical smoothies. But, I’m already awake so there’s no point trying.

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