It’s always a competition underwater. How long can you hold your breath? 10 seconds. Easy enough, doesn’t take any skill to achieve. 20 seconds. It’s becoming a fight, struggling to produce more bubbles. 30 seconds. It’s hard now, trying to beat your own instincts. 40 seconds. All you want to do now is to breathe, and you know you simply cannot last any longer. You float up to the surface and give in.

Imagine feeling the way you do at 40 seconds every single day. That’s my life. Anxiety. It reaches into the depths of your stomach and tightens its clench on your breath. You want to beat it, but you know you’ll lose the fight. You always lose. So, you let it do it’s thing. It kicks within you, closing in on every last hope you ever had. You crave death so it can end more than ever. One day, you know it’ll eventually result in death- once it sucks away every last breath you ever had. You’ll sink into the unknowns of the water until you have nothing left. There, you’ll remain forever breathless.

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