*My posts are usually not like this, I know. I’m at a creative writing program so I am being pushed outside my comfort zone. This one’s a bit childish and to be honest, extremely shitty. But, it’s funny so I’m posting it anyway.*

Long before our universe was created, all that existed was darkness. Bright stars swum in the void, searching for a release. The light from the stars caused pieces of darkness to drift towards one another and magnetize. Clumps of dry and cracked land orbited in the empty, in desperate need of hydration. But, there were no seas or oceans and there was no way for the land to fulfill its desire.

Above all the darkness lay an untouched haven. With lush green forests and jewel blue skies, the landscape was nothing short of perfection. However, the land was desolate for miles and miles. The haven contained one sole occupant: a spider named Itsy-Bitsy. While his name connoted a meek creature, Itsy was anything but tame. With skinny legs that wrapped around all the clumps of land and eyes that could see the entire universe, Itsy was a symbol of power. However, the epitome of control meant nothing in a world void of all inhabitants. Itsy constantly brooded over his lonely life, feeling pangs of bitter and sorrow. In spite of this, he had no release. With all the despair accumulated within him, Itsy had every intention to burst into tears. Sadly, Itsy was immune to all of his temptations. No matter how badly he wanted to throw a hissy fit, he was unable to do so.

One day, as Itsy roamed his vast haven, he could not help but notice that something was awry. The rocks that were typically organized in a neat circular formation had been thrust all over the dirt. Due to his ginormous stature, Itsy could not see what was beneath him. His long and tenuous legs stabbed into a tiny gray rock. The blood oozed out of his legs and the pain rocketed within his immense body. He could no longer contain himself. He had experienced enough to continue living the way he had been living his life. A salty tear rolled down his furry face as he began to curse in pain. The faucets of water trickled down on the pieces of land beneath him, creating what we call the sea.

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