Sending conveniently short-lived pictures to all your friends has become iconic. After Snapchat’s rapid rise to stardom, a white ghost has become the symbol of the millennial generation. With this ghost comes the word “ghosting”, a phrase that goes hand in hand with Snapchat.

Online apps have caused online dating to become convenient, quick, and casual. With a simple swipe left or right, you can decide whether you want to spark a conversation. Naturally, most flings like this cannot possibly last very long. Whether it’s people hating each other IRL, having literally nothing in common, or having ten other people on standby, there’s always a reason to move onto the next one. But, you’re not even really dating the last person. It would be awkward to actually break up with someonethem when all you ever did was talk, meet for drinks, or have a killer one night stand. You simply have no attachment to them whatsoever. So, you channel that sense of detachment. You start by leaving them on “read” on Snapchat (or not responding to the cheesy pictures of their face). You move on to ignoringe their texts, blocking their number, and blocking them on every social media account you have each other on. It’s over. You did it. Your Tinder match has just been “ghosted”.

If you’re on the other end of the equation, however, things might not seem as fun. This person you’re madly in love with (or maybe you think they’re just too good for you) has completely cut you out of their lives. Moving on from such a tragedy seems impossible. So, you do what any normal person would do. You try to find them on Facebook, you explore Google for any trace of them, and you ask every common connection what went wrong. Stop this right now. You’re doing it all wrong. You’re in the 21st century now. Get back on that phone, open up your Tinder, and find someone hotter to show off to all your friends.

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