dream your life away.

“Dream your life away” is an album. To me, it’s not an album. It is travel. The rush of knowing you have something to live for. As the doors snap into place and the safety belts are fastened, I hit play. It never has the same effect one. It always has the same effect on me. It kills my anxiety; it reminds me of the years past. Long uphill drives on winding roads with snowcapped mountains on either side. Sips of bitter liquid warming my body. My legs taking control of my body, taking me on a journey. Obergurgl means complete freedom. To me, at least. Literally, it is an isolated town in the middle of Austria that no one bothers to visit. We didn’t bother to visit it either. The first time we went was a complete accident. A case of the wrong hotel in the wrong part of Austria. But it was a mistake we could never stop making. We went every year, stayed in the same hotel, felt the same comfort. The tiny hotel is at the top of a small hill. Above, there are slopes. Below, there’s the town. It’s in the middle of isolation and coalescence. It gives you a rest from the hectic monotonies of life and the chance to experience another world. For those ten days in a year, social media is a stranger. Instead, there’s playing cards at a tiny round table in front of a cozy fire. Instead, there’s eating dinner at the same place every night. Instead, there’s the large gold key that unlocks the room that the five of us share. It’s a life I can never forget. It’s a memory I relive year after year. It’s a part of me.

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