my life as told by emo songs.

As I have spent my entire life surrounded by emo songs, they are the story of my life.

Age 8, my dad blasting “We Will Rock You” by Queen in our living room. The words sound slurred, nothing makes sense to me. All I want is for the sound to die and for my cartoons to start again.

Age 12, “Let Her Go” by the Passengers on repeat on a family road trip. We sing to the words in unison. It is the first time I have felt a part of something. I realize I have to stop pushing my family away.

Age 15, “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran plays as I do laundry alone for the first time at boarding school in America. It gets me through the long hours of homesickness. It makes me stronger; it makes me weaker.

Age 17, “Cigarette Daydreams” by Cage the Elephant inspires me to write. It marks a turning point in my relationship with music. It is the first time I let the words take control instead of the music. It gives me the will to write when all inspiration is lost.

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