lost cities.

Land, sea, and air. It takes a rickety bus, a wobbly boat, and a shaky flight to transform a vision into a reality. But, when the travel finally ends at a destination, that is when the journey truly begins.

Machu Picchu, nestled on a remote mountain in the Andes, swarms with civilisation today. As one of the world’s seven wonders, it has earned a spot on bucket lists worldwide. And, it is this status that makes it a complete tourist trap-a market for souvenirs to be bought, a location for pictures to be clicked, a school for history to be taught. But, as I stand amongst scattered stones in a lush landscape, all I can think about is how we have falsely construed everything this stands for. It is not grand, it is not lavish, it is not elaborate. It is simply the remnants of moments past. It is what has once been, and it is what we will eventually be. It is one of many lost cities, and there will be many more to come.

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