Ayla Dhawan

Ayla is a current student at Ashoka University who resides in New Delhi, India. She has spent the past few years shuttling back and forth between the U.S. and India before finally deciding to commit to her hometown. Still, whenever she can, she loves to escape the city and find herself in new places. When she is not jetsetting or typing away at her laptop, you can find her cooking up a storm in her kitchen or sipping at an iced coffee at at Instagram-worthy cafe. But, even when she is not writing, she is always in her own world. You might call her a day dreamer, but she prefers to refer to herself as a train wreck.

She started this blog while she was in high school and it has served to demonstrate the journey of her writing since then. Her writing is something she chooses not to classify as she believes it is still evolving at every moment. The name “Fragmented Realities” in effect is representative of this- it serves to show how the world is compromised of pieces that will never fit together. If the world is never perfect, how can writing be? To Ayla, writing is her own version of putting together these pieces in a manner that is imperfectly incomplete.