looking for answers.

You can drive all night looking for the answers in the pouring rain. But, answers are not that easy to find. To find them, you don’t have to break down walls or boundaries. You have to explore, analyze, discover. You have to have the words to ask questions that penetrate the heart. Hearts are a […]

the modi model.

This was for my school magazine/newspaper but I’m so busy these days that the only writing I’ve done is for college apps. So, this is a bit less creative, but I still like journalistic writing so I’m trying something new.  Three years ago, Narendra Modi took the reins of India as Prime Minister, and the […]


We are all disposable. We live in paper houses in paper towns in a paper world. One headline and the paper creases. One flash and the paper crumples. One move and the paper is left torn forever. Control can never truly be gained in a world like ours. Paper is far too fragile to hold […]

a victim.

They call the girl thrust aside on the sidewalk a victim. They had stalked her, they had come for her, they had gotten her. She lay in a pool of her own blood, hoping for death. Life would mean eternity of being called a victim. Constant embarrassment, constant guilt, constant reminders. It was one night. […]


Posting your CommonApp Essay online seems like a bad idea. I know that. But, I haven’t written much lately and I’ve been working on this for a while. So, here it is. It’s not conventional, but neither am I.  Based on a series of true events. For the longest time, I had a complicated relationship […]


When we looked outside, we couldn’t even see the sky. Darkness flooded the room the way light had once flooded our souls. Senior year, they call it. Hell, we call it. The semester without sleep had been conquered by many. There were several strategies to try to overcome it. Some dabble in over reliance on […]

dream your life away.

“Dream your life away” is an album. To me, it’s not an album. It is travel. The rush of knowing you have something to live for. As the doors snap into place and the safety belts are fastened, I hit play. It never has the same effect one. It always has the same effect on […]


Beginnings have never come easy to me. I have struggled with first sentences all my life. I learnt vocabulary, I understood meanings, I ignored my instinct. I find the words but never the right way to string them together to create a start. I always screw it up. There’s the stuttering, the hesitating, and the […]

hazed, dazed.

The drip went in and the lights went out. Everything was disjointed. There were bits and pieces of reality, but never a whole. Familiarity became a blur. The words from yesterday had became words that had never been read. Memories came back in flashes. Tiny alphabets in print, trying to form language. A language that […]


“Always remember, everything happens for a reason”. Anytime anything interesting or out of the norm popped up in my life, my family would always re-iterate these very lines. As a young child, I never thought much of it. My brain worked like any other kid my age- stuff happened, I didn’t care why it happened […]