Sending conveniently short-lived pictures to all your friends has become iconic. After Snapchat’s rapid rise to stardom, a white ghost has become the symbol of the millennial generation. With this ghost comes the word “ghosting”, a phrase that goes hand in hand with Snapchat. Online apps have caused online dating to become convenient, quick, and […]

how i got here.

The day you are born is supposed to be the most joyous day for all of your family. February 12th, 2000 was anything but that. In the midst of bright yellow Laburnum leaves and crisp winter air, there was havoc. A man and a woman, having recently relocated to India, had absolutely no idea how […]

living in tradition.

I can’t help but feel frustrated as I see my brother grow into a society brimming with imperfections. In my world, he has privilege. He doesn’t have to look at himself twice before he leaves a room. He doesn’t have to care about defying norms as he makes decisions. He doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable […]


Are you yourself when you’re alone or is it just an illusion of yourself? Around others, you are who you are. Alone, you are the person you want to be. Alone, your mind brims with thoughts until the accumulation drives you insane. Alone, you attempt to shield yourself from harsh realities and broken truths. Alone, […]


Runaway runaway Feet gliding on the rusty floor Never wishing to stay Arms constantly reaching for the familiar door When monotony ties her close Attempting to draw her in She escapes into the world only she knows Even though she knows illusions are a sin Runaway runaway But she’ll never be able to hide She’ll […]


Checkered skirts floating Being forced into routine Waiting to be free Tied to the same heart The heart you will never see Waiting for release


*My posts are usually not like this, I know. I’m at a creative writing program so I am being pushed outside my comfort zone. This one’s a bit childish and to be honest, extremely shitty. But, it’s funny so I’m posting it anyway.* Long before our universe was created, all that existed was darkness. Bright […]


The sounds of the city blend together as a coherent cacophony: sirens wailing, taxis zipping, people screaming. The insanity of the outside initiates a struggle within me. My breaths grow shorter as I begin asking myself pointless questions about everything around me. I want to break, I want to stop, I want to turn. But […]


Life constantly seems to fuck me over. There’s always loose ends, there’s always unanswered questions, there’s always no turning back. The darkness crushes the laughter until there’s nothing left but hapless tears and unsolicited actions. In those moments, I lose every part of myself. I strive to cause nothing short of the worst pain. “It’s […]


It’s always a competition underwater. How long can you hold your breath? 10 seconds. Easy enough, doesn’t take any skill to achieve. 20 seconds. It’s becoming a fight, struggling to produce more bubbles. 30 seconds. It’s hard now, trying to beat your own instincts. 40 seconds. All you want to do now is to breathe, […]